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Cyberdata 011479

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Now up to 38% brighter and upgraded to an IP66 rating, the wall-mounted SIP Outdoor RGB (Multi-Color) Strobe operates as a powerful and highly effective visual alerting device. The Outdoor Strobe can be set up as part of a ring group or page group to give visual notification of incoming calls or pages. The Outdoor Strobe may also be activated by being part of a multicast group. The Strobe can be configured with up to 10 multicast addresses and is activated when a stream is sent to its address. You can have the Strobe respond to message waiting signals by blinking. When the message has been heard, the Strobe stops blinking. For each activation, the user may choose multiple colors, blink rates, and brightness levels. There are 10 multicast settings and two SIP extensions. Users may also use CyberData’s HTTP command set to directly access the Strobe’s functions. CyberData’s SIP enabled VoIP products are compatible with a vast majority of VoIP systems including SBCs, Gateways, and phone systems both on-premise or cloud-based.

Core Features:

  • Meets ADA requirements for telephony signaling and notification
  • SIP and multicast activation
  • For each activation, the user can choose among multiple colors, blink rates, and brightness levels
  • Event-controlled relay
  • Tamper sensor
  • TLS 1.2, enhanced security for IP Endpoints in a local or cloud-based environment
  • Auto provisioning via HTTPS, HTTP or TFTP
  • HTTPS or HTTP web-based configuration. HTTPS is enabled by default
  • Configurable event generation for device health and status monitoring
  • 802.11q VLAN tagging
  • HTTP Command Interface
  • Support for Cisco SRST resiliency

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