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Cyberdata 011478 Intercom

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The CyberData SIP h.264 Video Outdoor Intercom with RFID is perfect for secure access settings requiring RFID access control, video, and two-way communication. With excellent color, low light capability, and encrypted RFID, the SIP h.264 Video Intercom can increase the security of any VoIP installation. The product supports up to 500 RFID cards. A card with a blacklisted code will trigger a phone call with a pre-recorded message and/or a multicast stream to IP notification endpoints. The access code list, designating valid entry times or blacklisted users, can be updated manually using the web interface, imported using the web page, or autoprovisioned using the same mechanism as a VoIP phone. CyberData has maintained one of the most comprehensive lists of IP PBX servers certified to work with CyberData VoIP Products.

Core Features:

  • TLS 1.2 enhanced security for IP Endpoints in a local or cloud-based environment
  • Mifare Plus X 2K/4K cards are supported for a high level of encryption
  • Alert buzzer
  • Red/Green lock status lights
  • Built-in time of access scheduler
  • Local and remote logging with timestamp
  • NTP time support
  • Supports 500 RFID Cards
  • Blacklisted card alert via dial out or multicast
  • Adjustable camera angle
  • Full-duplex voice operation
  • Supports SRST in a Cisco environment
  • Network web management
  • Network adjustable speaker volume and microphone sensitivity
  • Network downloadable firmware
  • Doubles as a paging speaker
  • Custom alert, ringtones and callout messages may be uploaded
  • Dry relay contact for auxiliary control
  • Door closure and tamper alert signal
  • Security Torx screws with driver kit included
  • This product comes with five RFID cards

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