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Cyberdata 011426

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The SIP-based RFID/Keypad Secure Access Control Endpoint uses the existing VoIP or PoE network infrastructure to securely unlock and lock gates or doors. PoE powered and in a secure outdoor-rated case, the RFID/Keypad Secure Access Control Endpoint can store up to 500 access codes. There is a blacklisted code list that when activated, will make a phone call and play a pre-recorded message or can broadcast a multicast message to IP speakers when registered to the VoIP server. Good code and blacklisted code lists can be updated on the web interface or auto provisioned by a remote server.

Core Features:

  • Mifare Plus X 2K/4K cards are supported for a high level of encryption
  • 12-key keypad
  • Alert buzzer
  • Red/Green lock status lights
  • Can operate in standalone mode. PBX not required.
  • Future-proof and adaptable when upgrading to new VoIP PBX
  • Built in time of access scheduler
  • Local and remote logging with timestamp
  • NTP time support
  • Network web management
  • Blacklisted code alert via dialout and multicast stored message
  • Network downloadable firmware
  • Dry contact relay to trigger door lock or unlock gates
  • Door closure and tamper alert signal
  • Security Torx screws with driver kit included

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