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Yealink W80B Cordless DECT IP Multi-Cell Base Station for W53H/W56H/W59R Handsets

by Yealink
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Yealink's W80B DECT IP Mult-Cell Base Station is designed for organizations who require their W53HW56H and W59R cordless handsets to roam freely throughout their facility or campus.  If your coverage needs are larger than what the W60B Base station + (6) RT30 repeaters can handle or if you need more than (8) W53H/W56H/W59R handsets per W60B Base station, you need the W80B Base station.  The W80B takes the place of the W60B and RT30 repeaters allowing seamless handover and roaming for up to 100 W53H/W56H/W59R handsets. Up to 30 W80B Base Stations can be networked together to provide thousands of feet of DECT Handset coverage including multi-level facilities


  • Seamless handover and roaming for W53H/W56H/W59R cordless handsets (version x.83.0.20 or later)
  • Up to 100 parallel calls
  • Up to 30 base stations
  • Up to 100 handsets
  • Up to 100 SIP accounts
  • Up to 2 simultaneous calls per handset
  • Support LDAP/Remote Phonebook
  • Support Xsi Directory
  • DECT radio coverage up to 160 feet indoors and 984 feet outdoors
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Supports Opus
  • Optional 5V 1.2A Power Adapter (see options above)
  • Not compatible with Yealink W52H
  • Compatible with Broadsoft, 3CX, Asterisk platforms
  • W80B deployment tool (not included) allows you to take the guess work on where to deploy base units in your facility


  • For facilities needing 10 or less W80B base stations, the system automatically switches one of the units to DECT Manager-Base mode (not requiring one W80B to be dedicated solely as a DECT Manager).  The system supports the registration of up to 50 handsets and 50 parallel calls.
  • For facilities needing 11 to 30 W80B base stations, the system will need one unit to be solely dedicated as a DECT Manager (toggle switch on bottom of the device and upgrade firmware).  The system supports the registration of up to 100 handsets and 100 parallel calls.


  • W80B Base Station