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Cyberdata 011233

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The SIP Paging Adapter is a VoIP endpoint that interfaces analog paging systems with SIP and multicast-based audio sources. The SPA (SIP Paging Adapter) can be configured to support two separate SIP extensions. SIP extension one passes audio through to the analog output spoken from the caller’s handset. When called, SIP extension two plays a bell audio that can be used as a night ringer when configured in a night ring group.

Core Features:

  • Compatible with most analog amplifiers in the market
  • Supports audio prioritization, including 10 multicast paging groups
  • Loud/Night ringer function – second SIP extension
  • 9 user-uploadable page messages
  • Supports delayed pages with call buffering
  • Support for security code to prevent unwanted SIP calls
  • Can receive pages directly from Poly phones as well as other devices that can send standard multicast
  • Sense input capable of generating events or SIP calls
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Line-in for background music
  • Line-out connector
  • Remote amp fault sensor
  • Audio controlled relay/remote amplifier enable
  • DTMF entries for analog paging zones
  • Rack mountable
  • TLS 1.2 (includes mutual authentication) and SRTP enhanced security for IP Endpoints in a local or cloud-based environment
  • HTTPS or HTTP web based configuration – HTTPS is enabled by default
  • Autoprovisioning via HTTPS, HTTP or TFTP
  • Configurable event generation for device health and status monitoring
  • 802.11q VLAN tagging
  • HTTP command interface
  • Support for Cisco SRST resiliency

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