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Algo 8036 SIP Multimedia Intercom

by Algo
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P Video Intercom with Touch Screen for Door & Gate Entry, Unattended Lobby & Kiosk Applications – PoE

The PoE 8036 SIP Multimedia Intercom is an IP video intercom combining the functionality of an IP phone, security camera and interactive kiosk via a touch screen interface. This IP video intercom is outdoor rated, and is also a fully compliant 3rd party SIP endpoint. As a result, the 8036 is compatible with most hosted / cloud and premise-based VoIP telephone systems.

Generally the 8036 is most commonly deployed at public access locations including secure door / gate entrances and unattended lobby areas, particularly where business branding, kiosk or multiple call option information is required to be displayed for hands-free audio / video visitor communication is required (e.g, multi-tenant professional office, airport, hotel / resort, hospital ward, gated entrance, etc.).

  • Wideband HD voice for high intelligibility speech.
  • Initiates or accepts intercom calls.
  • Dual microphones.
  • Outdoor rated – IP54 weather resistant.
  • 5.7″ sunlight viewable graphic capacitive touch display.
  • H.264 video one or two-way support via video phone or web browser.
  • Seamless relay activation via telephone keypad for secure door or gate entry using 8061 controller.
  • Configuration via user friendly web interface or auto-provisioning.
  • PoE (IEEE 802.3af).


    Interactive Touch Display

    Algo 8036 IP Video Intercom (SIP Multimedia Intercom) for door entry

    The 5.7″ sunlight viewable graphic capacitive touch display of the 8036 is web configured via a simple GUI. The touch screen can display any content of text and images including graphics for keypad entry, scroll list or icon input. Where it is desired to better serve visitors and guests with helpful information, promote business branding, and add video security to intercom requirements, the 8036 IP intercom provides a unique public interface in an elegant form factor to make a great first impression.


    One or Two-Way Video Calling

    One or two way video calling is supported in the 8036 IP video intercom. Graphic icons with multilingual menus and SIP based speech and video communication make the 8036 ideal for serving international, multilingual or hearing impaired clients, for example.

    • Unattended lobbies
    • Security monitoring
    • Employee access / visitor greeting
    • Enhanced courtesy phone
    • Multi-tenant gate or entrance intercom
    • Guest service
    • Visitor assistance kiosk


    Customizable Intercom Content & UC Integration

    Intercom screen content can be created easily using the 8036 web GUI. Upload an image such as a corporate logo for a start page, and create the navigation menus leading to additional pages, scroll lists and more. Page images and icons may be created from photographs, maps, or images using graphics editing tools.

    Once registered as an endpoint, the 8036 IP video intercom can interact with any device, phone or client that is connected to the UC platform, thereby providing maximum user flexibility to efficiently communicate with visitors and guests.


    Algo 8306 SIP Multimedia Intercom / IP Video Intercom integration with VoIP / UC telephone system using IP relay controller 8061


    To sum up, the 8036 is an outdoor rated IP video intercom / doorphone. The endpoint is powered via PoE  (IEEE 802.3af). A surface mount bracket is included for easy wall installation. The product is CSA/UL, FCC and CE certified.


    Benefits of the PoE Algo IP Video Intercom

    • Network managed and supervised SIP endpoint.
    • Eliminates FXS port or ATA.
    • PoE (IEEE 802.3af) for plug and play network connectivity.
    • Wideband G.722 HD voice audio for clarity and intelligibility.
    • Suitable for public access and outdoor environments.
    • Communicate with graphics, text, speech and video.
    • Create custom content via a simple web GUI.
    • Improve corporate branding, visitor impression and communication capability.